He was rich, he was respected by his family, he got alot of friends, he got one son and one daughter.

He told them about his amazing life, before his dead, he told you:

You must be strong to be here, you got a life, you life only one time, Take it.

His son and Daughter, are now his followers, they will do all the things what Tony wanted to do.

Do it now and take what you can, Recieve Respect and earn respect, Fight for the life you got, thank your friends

The Family capone Waits for you.

His History





Dear Tony Montana,

He is killed in a big family war in Italy in his Testament stands that YOU can earn it to be the godfather,

So what you think, he let for every new "Empty Suit" 10 million cash for starting to be his follower,

His last words were, You will never win a war, if you don't come to that war,

His favourite is This for you

The World Is Yours!



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