Dungeon 0.8

{ (set: $playerMax to 0) (set: $playerHealth to 0) (set: $playerStrength to 0) (set: $playerAgility to 0) (set: $playerIntelligence to 0) (save-game: "Slot A") } After three months of teases and reveals, it seems the game developers have decided to drop the new update early. The server has been struggling to keep up with the influx of returning players; it's been impossible to log in or out, and that's a problem when you're connected to the game world with full-body synaptic technology. Until the developers get everything working again, you're trapped in the game. There's not much to fear, though. This wouldn't be the first time the servers went haywire for a good twelve hours. In fact, nobody is even worried about it. Just like you, they're preoccupied with the new patch. Somehow, none of the leaks or dataminers discovered information about the new "Venta Castle" dungeon. And yet, here it is. A pair of golden foxes flanks the cobblestone procession winding its way towards Venta Castle. Some of the dungeon's defining features loom in the distance. With sweeping arches and Corinthian columns, it's decidedly Greco-Roman. But there's a twist: Yellow limestone and animal motifs give the castle an ancient Egyptian touch. Nobody who entered the dungeon has left to tell the tale. If you hurry, you could get the one-of-a-kind achievement for being the first to complete it. Situated within the deep and narrow mountain pass, the dungeon portal swirls like a whirlpool. Time to get started. [[Load into Venta Castle]]{ (set: $playerMax to it +20) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +2) (set: $playerAgility to it +3) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +7) (set: $playerMage to true) (goto: "Tutorial") }{ (set: $playerMax to it +25) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +7) (set: $playerAgility to it +2) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +3) (set: $playerWarrior to true) (goto: "Tutorial") }{ (set: $playerMax to it +20) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +2) (set: $playerAgility to it +6) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +4) (set: $playerRogue to true) (goto: "Tutorial") }A pair of thick walls forty feet high surrounds the entirety of Venta Castle. But they're merely decorative. Small archway cutouts allow easy access into the bailey from nearly any direction. In the heart of the castle lies a monumental keep gilded with vulpine mosaics. Odds are, the final boss awaits you there. From this entrance the cobblestone road forges a direct path towards the keep, cutting through an open courtyard. You might be able to pick up some equipment here before delving deeper. Of course, dungeon enemies could be just around the corner. You can spot movement on the ramparts. Archers, you reckon. A frenzy of growls grumble from a dark corridor to your right. It seems some type of kennel resides within the castle walls. You'll stay away from prying eyes and potential fights -- but who knows what you'll stumble into. Two top-heavy anthropomorphic foxes embellish this archway entrance. They appear to be on all fours, but their elbows and knees are hidden in the gold pedestals they rest upon. This must be the most indecent thing they added in the game... Maybe the glitchiest, too. You swear you just saw one move. (if: $Courtyard is not true)[ (link: "Head into the Courtyard")[ (goto: "Head into the Courtyard")]] [[Follow the Corridor]] [[Investigate the Vulpine Sphinx]]{ (set: $playerMax to it +20) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +1) (set: $playerAgility to it +5) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +6) (set: $playerHealer to true) (set: $playerCharges to 0) (set: $playerCharges to it +3) (goto: "Tutorial") }{(display: "Enemy")(display: "Log")(display: "You")}{<div id="enemy">$enemyName $enemyHealth/$enemyMax. </div>}{<div id="log"> (if: $log is "you")[It is your turn.] (elseif: $log is "atk")[You deal $playerDamage damage to $enemyName with $playerAttack.] (elseif: $log is "enemy")[The $enemyName deals $enemyAttack damage with $enemyAttackName.] (elseif: $log is "heal")[You heal yourself for $playerHeal. You have $playerCharges healing charges remaining.] </div>}<div id="you">You: $playerHealth/$playerMax {(if: $turn is "you")[ (link: "Strike")[ (set: $playerDamage to (random: 1, 5) + ($playerAgility)) (set: $enemyHealth to it - $playerDamage) (set: $playerAttack to "Strike") (set: $turn to "enemy") (set: $log to "atk") (goto: "Combat")] (if: $playerWarrior is true)[(link: "Slash")[ (set: $playerDamage to (random: 1,10) + ($playerStrength)) (set: $enemyHealth to it - $playerDamage) (set: $playerAttack to "Slash") (set: $turn to "enemy") (set: $log to "atk") (goto: "Combat")] ] (if: $playerMage is true)[(link: "Fireball")[ (set: $playerDamage to (random: 1,10) + ($playerIntelligence)) (set: $enemyHealth to it - $playerDamage) (set: $playerAttack to "Fireball") (set: $turn to "enemy") (set: $log to "atk") (goto: "Combat")] ] (if: $playerRogue is true)[(link: "Backstab")[ (set: $playerDamage to (random: 1,10) + ($playerAgility)) (set: $enemyHealth to it - $playerDamage) (set: $playerAttack to "Backstab") (set: $turn to "enemy") (set: $log to "atk") (goto: "Combat")] ] (if: $playerCharges > 0)[(link: "Heal")[ (set: $playerCharges to it - 1) (set: $playerHeal to (random: 1,5) + ($playerIntelligence / 2)) (set: $playerHealth to it + $playerHeal) (if: $playerHealth > $playerMax)[(set: $playerHealth to $playerMax)] (set: $log to "heal") (goto: "Combat")] ] ] (elseif: $turn is "enemy")[ (link: "Continue")[ (set: $log to "enemy") (set: $turn to "you") (set: $randomAttack to (random: 1,3)) (if: $enemyName is "Werewolf" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 7) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Bite")] (if: $enemyName is "Werewolf" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 6) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Growl")] (if: $enemyName is "Werewolf" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 5) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Swipe")] (if: $enemyName is "Dark Elf" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 7) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Sweeping Blade")] (if: $enemyName is "Dark Elf" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 5) (set: $enemyHealth to it + 5) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Riposte")] (if: $enemyName is "Dark Elf" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 10) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Shoulder Check")] (if: $enemyName is "Horse" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 3) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Rope Burn")] (if: $enemyName is "Horse" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 8) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Hoof Kick")] (if: $enemyName is "Horse" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 6) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Constricting Lasso")] (if: $enemyName is "Anubis" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 5) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Blinding Light")] (if: $enemyName is "Anubis" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 9) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Radiance")] (if: $enemyName is "Anubis" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 12) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Power Word: Kneel")] (if: $enemyName is "Nun" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 4) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Restrain")] (if: $enemyName is "Nun" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 6) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Smite")] (if: $enemyName is "Nun" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 8) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Overwhelm")] (if: $enemyName is "Raiko" and $randomAttack is 1)[(set: $enemyAttack to 150) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Glance")] (if: $enemyName is "Raiko" and $randomAttack is 2)[(set: $enemyAttack to 250) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Yawn")] (if: $enemyName is "Raiko" and $randomAttack is 3)[(set: $enemyAttack to 350) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Flick")] (set: $playerHealth to it - $enemyAttack) (goto: "Combat")] ] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Werewolf")[(goto: "Bad Werewolf End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Werewolf")[(goto: "Win")] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Dark Elf")[(goto: "Bad Knight End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Dark Elf")[(goto: "Knight Victory")] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Horse")[(goto: "Bad Cow End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Horse")[(goto: "Horse Victory")] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Anubis")[(goto: "Anubis Bad End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Anubis")[(goto: "Anubis Victory")] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Nun")[(goto: "Nun Bad End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Nun")[(goto: "Nun Victory")] (if: $playerHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Raiko")[(goto: "Raiko Bad End")] (if: $enemyHealth <1 and $enemyName is "Raiko")[(goto: "Raiko Victory")] </div>}u loseu wonThe castle had been miles away, but after loading in you're plopped right at its front gates. Already, you know something is terribly wrong. Your class and level have been reset. The game servers must be taking a beating! And behind you, the dungeon portal is gone. If this is some kind of glitch, you won't be able to try and load back in to fix it. And you still can't log out. This is going to be interesting... Before you do anything, you'll have to pick a class. Look at the bright side: Free class change! [[Mage]] [[Warrior]] [[Rogue]] [[Priest]]Both statues appear exactly the same, so you stumble over to the closest one. Straight golden locks flow over the woman's shoulders. Her eyes are wide and fixed upward, staring back at you. The slab of gold she rests upon has her perfectly aligned with your groin. It's so scandalous, you can't help but wonder if the game changed its maturity rating. The woman's bust is thick and topped with puffy nipples that drift against the cold gold podium. And from behind, it's the same story. Her puffy foxtail is curled against her back in a fibonacci spiral, revealing a pair of tight, glistening holes. Although she's mostly human, her hind legs are fluffy and feral like a sphinx. There's an inscription on the podium that reads, "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the evening and six at night?" *(link: "Inspect Further")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerIntelligence > 15)[(goto: "Sphinx Discovery")] (goto: "Bad Statue End")]* [[Make Use of the Statue]] (link: "Head into the Courtyard Instead")[ (goto: "Head into the Courtyard")] (link: "Travel Down the Corridor")[ (goto: "Follow the Corridor")]The castle's bailey has room to garrison a good sixty men. But for now, the training grounds are deserted. You can't help but feel eyes on the back of your head as your hurry towards the keep's massive ornate walls. Surely, at least some of the archers can see you. If they choose to do anything to you is another matter entirely. To your left is a modest stable. "...At least save some of them for me. So few have even entered the keep. Maybe I've made the dungeon too hard." You can hear a soft-spoken man talking to someone else on the other side of the building. Their footsteps are coming closer, as if they're about to turn the corner and bump into you. Instead, they make their way towards the keep's main entrance. There's a petite horned fox in a flowing green dress. Beside him walks a dark-skinned elf swathed in leather: A tight corset, strapped thigh-high boots, and gloves that rise above her elbow. "I promise I won't keep all of them," coos the haughty elf. "But you know I have an extensive wardrobe." The fox, laughing, waltzes into the keep and shuts the doors behind him, leaving the dark elf to the courtyard. You realize she's about to turn around. There's nowhere to run besides a pile of hay in the stable beside you. [[Dive into the Hay]] [[Take Her On]] *(link: "Dash into the Keep")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerAgility > 20)[(goto: "Foyer")] (goto: "Failed Dash")]*Before the knight gets a chance to see you, you hop over the stable walls and sink deep into the dry hay. You can hear the clicking of heels not far from where you once stood. But that isn't what you're worried about now. "Hello?" A tawny equine woman is clomping close while she suckles on a piece of hazel. She's got her eyes on your haypile. Atop her head is a worn straw hat. She's fit with tight overalls that dig into her chest. Rippling muscles cover her arms, legs, and torso from years of manual labor. "My stable is just bustling with all these new animals. I've never been so busy!" [[Get the Jump on Her]] *(link: "Stay Hidden in the Hay")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerAgility > 15)[(goto: "Hidden in Stables")] (goto: "Pre Bad Cow End")]* [[Reveal Yourself and Ask for Help]] (set: $Courtyard to true)Although the dark elf is only a few feet from the door, you dig in your heels and burst into a dash. You slip around her blind spot as she turns. By the time she notices you're there, you've already yanked the keep's doors wide open. "Wait! You're supposed to fight me first! You're cheating!" She reaches out for you and lumbers towards the door. But you're too fast for her. You tug it shut and secure it with the help of a wooden beam sitting nearby. The door jostles behind you, but the beam is sturdy even under the strength of the elf who stews and screams outside. It should hold for now. (link: "Take a Look Around the Foyer")[ (goto: "Foyer")]With a flourish, you draw your weapon. The sound of your poorly-oiled scabbard is enough to draw the woman's attention. She faces you with a toothy smirk and inspects the back of her sharp sable nails. "Well, aren't you a delicious little morsel? I love the spunky ones," she says, unslinging a pair of crescent daggers from her belt. (link: "Fight the Dark Elf!")[ (set: $enemyHealth to 40) (set: $enemyMax to 40) (set: $enemyName to "Dark Elf") (set: $turn to "you") (set: $enemyAttack to 5) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Sweeping Blade") (goto: "Combat")] (set: $Courtyard to true)A pair of colonnades frame the center of the foyer and stretch to a grand staircase at its other end. Each column holds a sconce in every cardinal direction. There isn't a soul in sight -- a puzzling thing, given the floors have been polished and washed to a reflective sheen. The ceiling looms several hundred feet off the floor, littered with a collection of flame-lit chandeliers. Murals and hieroglyphs mark the walls and patch the stone beneath your feet. The figure of a horned fox seems repeated ad nauseum. To your left echoes a collection of soft voices singing a Gregorian prayer. And ahead looms the grand staircase which seems to lead deeper -- and higher -- into the keep. It towers too high and steep for you to see anything more on the level above. [[Up the Grand Staircase]]\ (if: $Hymn is not true)[ (link: "Follow the Hymn")[ (goto: "Follow the Hymn")]]A collection of sconces seem to wave at you in passing. Their flames dance as you walk by, casting shadows on walls of powdered mortar. You can hear the growls emanating from a room ahead, as well as the pitter and patter of padded paws trudging along. The corridor leads into a damp office. To your right sits two kennels as large as you are tall. Their bars are covered in nicks and scratches. Within each cage stirs a hulking feral wolf. They must have smelled you before. But from here, they try to swipe at you through the bars, scowling and baying. You spot something silver sitting deep in the kennel closest to you. You could probably reach in and snatch it through the bars. Across the room is a quaint desk topped with a ledger, some loose tomes, and a flickering oil lamp. Beside the desk is an iron-framed door. (if: $Desk is not true)[ (link: "Look at the Desk")[ (goto: "Look at the Desk")]] [[Open the Door]]\ (if: $Snatch is not true)[ (link: "*Snatch the Item from the Kennel*")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerAgility > 15)[(goto: "Snatch the Key")] (goto: "Bad Wolf End")]] (link: "Return to the Entrance")[ (goto: "Gate")]Are you supposed to make "six legs" with the sphinx? This doesn't seem like the best idea, but you've never had an opportunity to do something like this in-game. It's not like anyone is around to judge you. You lower your trousers and your cock flops out against the statue's cold face, smearing your sweat against it. For some reason, the statue's mouth is slicked with lube, its lips parted into a ravenous O-shape. After you slip in, you use her fox ears as handles. Your balls bash against her chin as your pace hastens. Silently, the statue stares up at you, seemingly in wanting. Already your orgasm is fast approaching. But the lubrication is quick to fade away. Every thrust becomes slow and troubled, as if something sticky is clinging to your member. Try as you might, you can no longer pull away. A cold sensation trickles up your shaft and begins to spread over your pelvis. Gold. A layer of gold slowly washes over you like a virus. It coats your hands, keeping them stiffly locked to her ears. In a matter of seconds, your chest is frozen solid. You can only swivel your head as the permanent coating travels over your chin and mouth and face. You're trapped in place, your dick in the statue's mouth as she seems to gloat up at you, still glaring for more. But you have nothing left to give, stuck on the precipice of a climax that never comes. *You've discovered the "Sphinx Statue" bad end. But you knew this would happen, didn't you?* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]At first, you thought there was something more to the statue. Hadn't it moved a second ago? You scrutinize the statue, bent forward with your hands on the base. But as your grip wanders over the inscription, the carved letters sink under your weight. *Click.* You're blinded by a sudden overbearing light. After what feels like a passing moment, you come to. You're lower than you were before. You must have passed out and crashed to the floor. Except, you couldn't have. Because you're looking up at yourself. "Holy fuck, you freed me," you hear yourself say. You realize that *you* have become the statue, your lips parted wide, your back end exposed, your flowing breasts brushing atop the plinth. Try as you might, you can't move a muscle nor tear your begging eyes from their fixed position. The player in your body flexes their new fingers and smirks. "Phew. I thought I was going to be stuck in that trap forever. Your avatar fucking sucks, but I can make this work." He rubs your new head. "You stay here for me, bimbo. I'm going to find the rest of my party and finish this dungeon run." He starts to walk off towards the keep, no longer in your sight. A sharp sting courses up your flank as he spanks your new thick ass in passing. "Shame you can't log out, huh? I'm sure they'll get the server working. Eventually." *You've discovered the "Sphinx Body Swap" bad end. Tough luck. Maybe you'll get some action when some new players show up, though!* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]The inappropriate riddle seems to serve no purpose than to mock the statue itself. You ignore it and lean in closer. Something's off about this sphinx. There's a familiar bangle around her wrist. It's a legendary player item. And that's when you realize this isn't a statue at all. It's another player, encased and solidified in gold. No wonder the elitists haven't beaten this raid yet! It's evidently filled with traps. The gold encasement debuff doesn't even have a set time to expire. There's nothing you can do for her. Or him. You suppose it doesn't matter anymore. {(set: $playerIntelligence to it + 2)} You gain 2 intelligence for discovering information about the new dungeon. You now have $playerIntelligence intelligence. [[Follow the Corridor]] (if: $Courtyard is not true)[ (link: "Head into the Courtyard")[ (goto: "Head into the Courtyard")]]With a firm tug, her lasso traps your arms to your sides. Struggle as much as you might, you can't shimmy out of her ropework as she tugs you so close you can smell her. "Shhh. Settle down now, Bessy. You'll join your friends in just a minute." The farmhand guides you down the aisle between a good two dozen stalls. You can hear your destination before you see it: An incessant murmur of whimpers, moo's, and moans. She stops you before the wide stall full of shiny latex cows, all trapped on their fours. A set of mechanical pumps work them over by their fake udders, extracting a white fluid. Now you notice that the stable is filled with a variety of overfilled milk canisters. She wasn't lying about making a fortune off all her new "animals." She leaves you to struggle fruitlessly, tied to a nearby post, as she gathers your new outfit: glossy white latex with black spots. First she slips your hands into a cool pair of hoof mitts. There's no room for your hands so you're forced to curl them into a fist. You smell some kind of adhesive -- and can feel it settling in around your hands. It's already too late. Piece by piece, she dresses you in a thick latex shell until you're too heavy to stand upright. You're trapped under the weight of your prison, walking on your hoof-covered knees and fists. The last thing you see is the smiling horse as she slides a smiling, cartoonish cow hood over your face. A cowbell rings as you try fruitlessly to waddle away. Your cock rests within a large plastic udder. It's so hard to move that you're working up a sweat with a single step. Thankfully, the farmhand helps slide you in place over a waiting milker. The tubes eagerly cling to your new teats, and already you can feel the pressure building. You hardly notice as the horse cuffs manacles around your ankles and wrists to ensure you'll stay put. You try to fight it, but your climax is inevitable. You moan as you get off, though your suit translates this as a moo to the outside world. The pumps eagerly extract fresh milk from every teat and already begin priming you for the next. "Good girl, Bessy!" *You achieved the "Bad Cow End." Seems like you're being a good cow, though...* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]With her head on a swivel, the toned farmhand stomps close. You can feel the disturbed air around her ankles as she strolls by. She sinks her hands into your hay pile -- but they don't search deep enough to find you hidden within. "I know I heard a little one around here somewhere..." she huffs. "Were you being a noisy girl?" She points to a ponygirl trussed up in the adjoining stall. Reaching out, she grabs hold of the woman's reins and guides her out of the stable. "Come on, sunshine. You clearly need some fresh air..." The farmhand leaves the stable with the ponygirl in tow. Finally, it's safe to leave the hay. Several of the trapped players look at you as you emerge. But there's nothing you can do for them. Their pony equipment is cursed. You can't remove it without a scroll, and it's not like you brought one with you. You do, however, find a glowing blue potion on the farmhand's workbench, which you know is a potion of intelligence. She won't be needing this anymore. {(set: $playerIntelligence to it + 2)} You gain 2 intelligence! You now have $playerIntelligence intelligence. (link: "Head into the Keep")[ (goto: "Foyer")] (link: "Sneak Back to the Entrance")[ (goto: "Gate")]You vault out of the hay with your weapon in hand. The horse gasps in surprise, her chewed hazel falling to the floor. She suddenly slaps her hands against her cheeks and squeaks in glee. "Ohmygosh! Another one! This has been the best day ever! Come here, you rowdy little heifer." She puts her hands on her hips and uncoils a spool of rope from a leather workman's pouch. Her words catch you by surprise. With a moment to look around, you glance about the stalls. There aren't any actual animals here. You spy other players encased and bound up completely in pony and cow gear. From hoods to hooves, there's nothing left of them. The woman swirls her rope into a lasso, whirling it atop her head. "I am going to make a killing with you, sweet thing. Don't scamper off now! Mama's going to take great care of you." (link: "Defend Yourself!")[ (set: $enemyHealth to 30) (set: $enemyMax to 30) (set: $enemyName to "Horse") (set: $turn to "you") (set: $enemyAttack to 3) (set: $enemyAttackName to "Rope Burn") (goto: "Combat")]You emerge from the hay with your hands raised and away from your weapon. The equine stops in her tracks and raises a brow, but says nothing. "I'd like to get into the castle," you say. "Can you help me?" The farmhand puts her hands on her hips. Pensively, she looks away in thought. Then she breaks into a soft smile. "The name's Samantha," she says, offering her hand. Although she seems less unhinged than a moment ago, you don't take any chances and shake her hand. "I know a way to get you into the keep without any snags. Honestly, you'd be doing me a favor. Are you in?" [[Accept Her help]] [[Ask for More Information]] [[Politely Decline]]"That's the spirit!" She grins like a dog and sinks her nails into your hip. "Be a good slut and play along for me." When she bends you over the stable railing, you're not sure how you're supposed to play along. Samantha hums to herself as she goes through a black box of toys situated in the corner of the stall. Within is a plethora of pony play gear. First, she grabs your wrists and slides your hands into sleek pony mitts that end above your elbows. Your hands are trapped in fists and topped with fake hooves. At this point, you're thinking you made a mistake. Then she locks them on with a pair of heart-shaped padlocks Her smile is even wider as she helps you step into mid-thigh pony boots. You're feeling defenseless, and Samantha uses that to her advantage. A sleek plug kisses your cheeks, and the farmhand wriggles it in deeper, deeper, until it nestles in completely. A flowing black horsetail flows from the plug all the way down to your ankles. "Now we're getting somewhere," she says, spanking your ass as she squeezes your chin and stuffs a bit-gag past your teeth. Next come a pair of blinders and a headdress of three peacock feathers. After snapping a collar around your neck, the outfit is almost complete. She just chains your mitts to the collar, ensuring you can't use your hands for anything but begging. Reins dangle from your gag. Samantha grabs hold of them and tugs you toward her. You clop, awkwardly, in her direction. "Behave, pony bitch. Believe it or not, this is your ticket inside." She leads you through an underground entrance in the stable lined with dwindling sconces. There's a clamor echoing down the hall. And soon you find its source: There's some type of auction house built under the castle. A good four dozen people stand by the stage, screaming, as another pony boy is up for bids. Swaying, Samantha guides you to the back stage and tethers your reins to a pole. You stand between a few other ponies who all give you nervous glances. "Looks like you're in," she chuckles. In her hand is the key to your equipment. You watch as she snaps her fingers and deletes it. "Ooops. Well, good luck with the rest of your dungeon run." She gives your ass a parting spank and fondles your coinpurse before waltzing off. The pony beside you squeals as they unbind her and begin walking her towards the stage. It'll be your turn soon. *You discovered the "Pony Bad End." You might feel out of place now, but your new owner will teach you how to prance and bray!* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]"Do you really have the right to question me? I said I can get you in," she says, crossing her arms. "Look, I don't need to take shit from some silly heifer. I could scream for the elf to come over here, and then you'll have to deal with the both of us." "My plan is as flawless as I am." She jabs a meaty finger against your chest. "I'll be very disappointed if you say no." [[Accept Her help]] [[Politely Decline]]"You stupid little mare," Samantha grunts. She unhooks a set of rope from her belt. "I could have got some good fucking gold out of you, but no, you're an animal like the rest of them." She deftly maneuvers the rope into a lasso. Before you can even dash away, she's thrown it over your head. "If you want to act like a dumb cow, Bessy, then I know exactly what to do with you..." (link: "Struggle!")[ (goto: "Bad Cow End")]It's no secret that elves are known for their agility. But perhaps you can slip into the keep and lock the doors behind you. You run along her blind spot -- or so you thought. As the elf turns, you hear her chuckle. She extends an arm that crashes into your neck and sprawls you out on the floor. {(set: $playerHealth to it - 5) (set: $playerAgility to it - 2)} You landed awkwardly on your right leg. The entire calf muscle bursts with pain each time you move it. Getting around is going to become more difficult. You take 5 damage! You now have $playerHealth hit points. You lose 2 agility! You now have $playerAgility agility. Wheezing and out of breath, you struggle to your feet. (link: "Get Ready for a Fight")[ (goto: "Take Her On")]The dark elf collapses on her back with a huff. "Guck! You ruined my outfit, dweeb! It's going to take hours to make this leather shine again!" She pulls an oiled rag out of her cleavage and vigorously wipes the mud off her four-buckled high heels. It seems the fight is over. She stops for a moment and looks up at you, an irritated blush on her cheeks. "What do you want, jerk? Here, just take this item and fuck off. You're blocking my light..." The black-haired elf throws a leather bracelet at your feet. Seeing as you need any equipment you can get, you slip it on without question. It's a substantial stat increase! {(set: $playerAgility to it + 3)} You gain 3 agility. You currently have $playerAgility agility. (link: "Continue into the keep")[ (goto: "Foyer")] (link: "Sneak Back to the Entrance")[ (goto: "Gate")]Although the fight is brief, you've already exhausted what little stamina you had left. The dark elf crashes against you like a wave and sends you to the floor. Your weapon careens out of your grasp and sinks into the earth several feet away. With her damp, melon-sized bust smothering your face, you can only blindly reach out for it. She smells like blackberries. But you never find it. "Now what am I going to do with you...?" The elf puts more of her weight on your shoulders and face until squirming -- and breathing -- is impossible. "You know, the last adventurer became these gorgeous high heels," she says. You can feel her gesture toward them, but you'll just have to take her word for it. She reaches back and undoes the laces of her strained corset. The strained material drapes across your face. But it's soon replaced with something far softer: Her flesh. The dark elf seems to purr as she flattens her bare, hot breasts against your face. Her hands knead into you -- softly at first, but soon they sink deeper, harsher, working out knots you never knew were there. The separation between your body and the coarse grass becomes tenuous. You feel like hot glue spreading out across the floor. But the elf's hands make you whole again. She pulls away and holds you up like a wet rag. You're smaller than before. Thinner. Flatter. You're her new glossy leather corset. "Didn't you turn out wonderfully? I think you're my new favorite top!" She wraps you around her bust and tightens you from behind. You can feel every inch of your new form struggle to accommodate her size. Her heart thrums against you. "Phew!" she laughs, fanning herself. "That fight really worked me into a sweat. Got some good gear for it, at least~." *You've discovered the "Dark Elf" bad end. Which is worse, being worn forever, or forgotten in her expanding wardrobe? Guess you'll find out.* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]You're winded and out of breath by the time you reach the mid-landing of the grand staircase. To your left, the stairs reach out towards a room with a resplendent golden glow. And to your right, you hear a gruff man barking orders. Another fifty steps ahead, two burly figures flank an embellished door. They appear to be partially-clothed in leather with pollaxes slung across their backs. You can hear them chatting to each other and chuckling, though you can't make out any words. [[Approach the Burly Figures]] [[Head Towards the Gruff Voice]] [[Investigate the Golden Room]]The staircase makes an abrupt turn at the bottom of the landing. Steam clings to your skin and sinks deep into your clothes. Beneath the keep lies a hidden library with countless rows of colorful leather-bound books. An artificial stream of bubbling water splits this room in half. Smooth benches overlook this water feature. It feels like you've stepped into an ancient Egyptian oasis. Sandstone surrounds you from the ceiling, floor, and walls, which are lined by gold and ebony Anubis sculptures. But like the rest of this dungeon, these sculptures appear quite inappropriate. You'll have to stroll closer for a better look though. Opposite the room stands a door that leads upwards, presumably to the main foyer of the keep. [[Search the Library]] [[Examine the Closest Sculpture]] (link: "Head Into the Foyer")[ (goto: "Foyer")] (set: $playerMax to it +25) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +7) (set: $playerAgility to it +2) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +3) (set: $playerWarrior to true)A small corridor feeds into a massive cathedral, its ceiling even higher than the keep itself. Brilliant stained glass -- again with depictions of the fox -- cast an array of orange and green and white across no less than two dozen rows of pews. In place of an altar sits a bubbling tiled fountain. Five figures sit close to the fountain, surrounding a priestess in brilliant black and white robes. From here, the women look like nuns. It's hard to tell from so far back. The priestess quietly sinks her hands into the water and holds it to her pursed lips. It's a healing fountain, no doubt. You've never seen one placed inside a dungeon before. Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. This game gets more casual every day... [[Talk With the Priestess]] [[Drink the Water]] (link: "Return to the Foyer")[ (goto: "Foyer")] (set: $Hymn to true)Pillaging the drawers, you find nothing of worth. There are two loose bowstrings, an assortment of screws and bolts, and an unarmed bear trap hidden beneath the desk itself. The open ledger appears to be a log of recent hunts. This must be the houndmaster's quarters, to no surprise. You're lucky he's not here. A small silver ring dangles from the ledger's leather bookmark. It's a small magic trinket, you realize. Since the recent glitch left you without most of your inventory, anything is an upgrade. You slip it on your ring finger. It's a perfect fit. {(set: $playerMax to it + 10)} You gain 10 maximum hit points! You now have $playerMax maximum hit points. [[Open the Door]]\ (if: $Snatch is not true)[ (link: "*Snatch the Item from the Kennel*")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerAgility > 15)[(goto: "Snatch the Key")] (goto: "Bad Wolf End")]] {(link: "Return to the Entrance")[ (goto: "Gate")]} {(set: $Desk to true)}The cold, corroded knob refuses to turn. It's probably locked, but it just as well may have rusted shut. {*(link: "Bash the Door Down")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerStrength > 21)[(goto: "Bash the Door Down")] (print: "You slam the pommel of your weapon against the door, just under the lock. It makes a terrible grating noise. A few feet away, the wolves howl and hiss, redoubling their efforts to swipe you through the kennel bars. The door remains locked.")]*} {*(if: $Snatch is not true)[ (link: "Snatch the Item from the Kennel")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerAgility > 15)[(goto: "Snatch the Key")] (goto: "Bad Wolf End")] ]*}\ {(if: $Key is true)[(link: "Use the Key")[ (goto: "Down into the Wine Cellar")]]} {(link: "Return to the Entrance")[ (goto: "Gate")]} {(if: $Desk is not true)[ (link: "Look at the Desk")[ (goto: "Look at the Desk")]]} {(if: $playerRogue is true)[(link: "Pick the Lock")[(goto: "Pick the Lock")]]}The pommel of your weapon strikes the door, just under the knob. Something mechanical twist and snaps underneath. Rust sprinkles off the door frame as the door opens wide and reveals a descending staircase. The sound of running water bellows from below. [[Down into the Wine Cellar]]The untrained beast seems to anticipate your every move. If he stood on his hind paws, he'd no doubt stand a foot taller than you with double your weight. This is no ordinary wolf. With all that mass, there's no chance he'll keep up with you. You round the side of the kennel, and like clockwork, the slavering lupine trails you. This is your moment. You make a mad dash toward the front of the kennel and dive, arm outstretched, reaching into the cage. The chill of cold metal kisses your fingers. But you don't have time to enjoy it. The beast crashes against the front of the kennel a half second later. The cage door swings open with a terrifying creak. As you scramble to your feet, the wolf scampers out of the cage, approaching with tentative steps. He growls, and his mate in the other cage mimes his cries. You're walked against the corner. For the first time, you notice a wet trail behind the beast. He sniffs at your thighs, grunts, and paws at your hips with his massive murder mittens. You no better than to deny the beast. He pushes you around and drops his weight on you, forcing you down to the floor. Without missing a beat, he mounts you, his hulking form cradling you, trapping you in place. Growling, he nips at your ears and shoulders and works himself into a frenzy, humping you like a toy. You can feel his engorged knot slapping between your cheeks, fruitlessly trying to find a hole to breed. His slick tapered tip finally finds purchase. You gasp as the monster slips in, forcing half his cock past your ruined star with a single stroke. His nails dig into your skin to stop your squirming. Drool drips off his maw and splatters against your neck. The wolf follows a primal, rugged rhythm. It'd almost be pleasurable if not for a strange tingling across your skin. Everything begins to shift. Your skin begins to bloom with black fur. Your bones snap and crack as your limbs reform into a digitigrade shape. As the transformation washes over you, the beast doesn't miss a beat. He yanks his engorged prick from your cheeks and starts humping lower. Your genitalia is shifting, changing, pulling away. His knot grinds against your new pussy, and the sensation alone makes you howl. You pant like a bitch in heat because you *are* a bitch in heat. Alpha's bitch, begging to be bred as you lift your legs for more. *You discovered the "Wolf Bitch" bad end.* (link: "Restart!")[ (load-game: "Slot A")]"Well, well, well, who's this now?" A butch panther says to you with a smirk, her arms crossed against her chest. On the other side of the wide door stands a tiger with a similar physique. Both are clothed in brown leather tunics, their laces struggling for dear life. This is combined with simple, baggy trousers. You get the interpretation these girls were called in during their off day so they just waltzed in with casual wear. That's what they look like, at least. "Looks like another daring hero, huh? Well, go on then," gestures the tiger. "Everyone just rushes into the throne room. Hasn't worked out too well for them." The sleek panther tilts her head to the side, playing with her purple-streaked mohawk. "We're supposed to stop you, but I think our little emperor actually likes getting guests. So go on. Just head on up. You're interrupting a good conversation." Sheathing her pollaxe, the tiger breaks into a guffaw. "Oh, so anyway, this stud pulls out his dick -- it's like nine inches, right? He'd been bragging about his size all night. Imagine his surprise when I pulled out this barbed knot," she laughs, patting her groin. As the girls commiserate with bad date experiences and wipe their tear-filled eyes, you feel invisible. It's like high school all over again. (link: "Continue into the throne room")[ (goto: "Antechamber")] (link: "Head back to the staircase")[ (goto: "Up the Grand Staircase")]Peeking your head in through the door, you discover this is something of a barracks. No less than two dozen bunk beds line the room, as well as accompanying armor and weapon stands for each. The open space in the center of the room is currently filled with several soldiers, none of whom are in armor besides a knight in full plate. "Line up, recruits, before I send you to the stables with Samantha!" His visor is down so you can't see his face. The armor is darker than your usual steel and features a horned ram head mask. Decorative red tapestries with gold pulls line the windows. You can see a staircase in the corner of the room that leads directly onto the ramparts. From there, you could probably find your way straight into the throne room. [[Blend Into the Line-Up]] *(link: "Ignite the Tapestries")[ (if: (random: 1,20) + $playerIntelligence > 15)[(goto: "Ignite the Tapestries")] (goto: "Get Caught")]* (link: "Head back to the staircase")[ (goto: "Up the Grand Staircase")]All that glitters is not gold. But this most certainly is. Piles of gold coins and bars circle the room. Amethysts, rubies, and sapphires are sprinkled in between, adding bursts of color to the blinding metal. Unfortunately, you can't actually loot the gold. It's just for decor. A peculiar door, missing its textures, seems to phase in and out of existence in the wall. It looks like it's clipping. There's something eerie about encountering a glitch in such an immersive game. You do notice that the door, for the brief seconds it's visible, is covered in three golden locks. (link: "Head back to the staircase")[ (goto: "Up the Grand Staircase")]\ (if: $playerKey1 is true and $playerKey2 is true and $playerKey3 is true)[ (link: "Unlock the Door")[ (goto: "Unlock the Door")]]Using the three golden keys you collected throughout the dungeon, you unlock each padlock one at a time. Once unlatched, the locks thud against the floor and grow more and more transparent until they despawn entirely. The glitched door creaks open of its own will. Within is a dizzying stream of bare game code and missing textures. Slowly, the corruption spreads out and begins infecting the rest of the treasure room like a virus. You'd be terrified if you weren't so happy. Within the room also rests the same GUI that prompted you to choose a class at the beginning of the dungeon. It's sloppy, homebrew code, inconsistent with the rest of the game design. It seems you've found something of a backdoor, for lack of better words. Should you use this to your advantage? Choose a class: (link: "Mage")[ (set: $playerMax to it +15) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +2) (set: $playerAgility to it +3) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +7) (set: $playerMage to true) (goto: "Unlock the Door")] (link: "Warrior")[ (set: $playerMax to it +25) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +7) (set: $playerAgility to it +2) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +3) (set: $playerWarrior to true) (goto: "Unlock the Door")] (link: "Priest")[ (set: $playerMax to it +15) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +1) (set: $playerAgility to it +4) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +6) (set: $playerHealer to true) (set: $playerCharges to 0) (set: $playerCharges to it +3) (goto: "Unlock the Door")] (link: "Rogue")[ (set: $playerMax to it +20) (set: $playerHealth to $playerMax) (set: $playerStrength to it +2) (set: $playerAgility to it +6) (set: $playerIntelligence to it +4) (set: $playerRogue to true) (goto: "Unlock the Door")] (link: "Head back to the Staircase")[ (goto: "Up the Grand Staircase")] You have $playerHealth current hit points with a maximum of $playerMax. You have $playerStrength strength. You have $playerAgility agility. You have $playerIntelligence intelligence. (if: $playerHealer is true)[You can heal yourself or others $playerCharges more times.]In the frenzy of new soldiers hurrying out of their bunks, none of them seem to notice as you slip into the room and enter the line up. You're shoulder to shoulder with other men and women. Further down the line, you notice there's a player here. Is he blend