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Rise and Rise again, until Lambs become Lions

Black Lion


What’s the goal of the game?

Become the strongest player with the most money, power and respect.

Inside the secret world of the mafia!


But be aware!

The police will hunt you, your rivals will hate you, but by making alliances and creating a crime family with your family and friends you can protect each other and rise to greatness!


We hope that you'll have a great time climbing to the top by breaking the rules and committing crimes like:

  • Fight against enemies and make them fear you.
  • Train yourself to become stronger.
  • Commit crimes to earn money.
  • Steal cars to do LIVE races.
  • Buy weapons and train your aim.
  • Put an investment into drugs to get a fixed income.


Are you ready? 

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If you have any questions than feel free to contact a CREW-member at the CREW-members tab or simply click on the chat button, ask your question and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!


Greetings from the underworld,


- The World X Mafia Crew -

 Goonmaffia = World x Mafia